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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are
Autism Visual Designs began over a sigh of frustration overheard by a roommate.

The Beginning

It was common for Blake to take over the apartment's kitchen counter for the weekend with a cutting board and laminator to keep up with the teaching materials needed for his cases.  And all that would have continued silently if he didn't explain the hassle to Scott.
Blake was mad at the excessive time he spent designing, printing, cutting, laminating, re-cutting, and assembling low quality visuals. He was mad that the best he could do for his students was paper, laminate, & Velcro materials. He was mad at how little time there was to be paid for making these essential materials, and equally mad that even paid time assembling materials meant he was absent from coaching staff, mentoring students, and writing specialized plans to help the case succeed. 

The Problem

Autism education and services is littered with PECS in different shapes and sizes, with no standard font size and hastily placed stock images.  Made by well meaning helpers without the graphic design skills needed, these visuals were hard to use and garnered little staff or student buy-in. Visuals were either rushed to print, lacked graphic design, or lacked clinical merit.
Blake believed Autism Visuals could be better, and that students would benefit from quality, clinically-designed materials.
We reached out to artists, graphic designs and industrial engineers to present a unique opportunity: Help people with autism.

The Friends / Co-Founders

So there we were! Blake was a full-time practicing BCBA working in homes all over Orange County, CA. Scott was a traveling consultant at the time and had recently boot-strapped his first Start Up.  We began to form a vision for a company providing high quality supplies for autistic learners.
We are Autism Visual Designs: Blake & Scott. Two people who care deeply about autism and believe that every learner has a right to well-crafted tools.

The Future

We're excited about this. We lose sleep over new ideas and stay up late to make the next draft of our products. Our computers are full of half finished drafts and bullet points for visuals we haven't had the time to complete (yet)!
We're not sure we're doing everything right, but we are trying, and we're eager for your feedback. So please, talk to us! Let us partner with your agency, classroom, or family! 
Because whether you're a special education teacher, a practicing BCBA, or a parent or caregiver for someone with autism, we think you deserve high-quality, expertly-designed visuals. 
We're looking forward to working with you, and we know we can help!