Shaping behavior and communication is hard. Let us increase your odds.

ABA Plate: Lifeline Plate (PDF Download)


By using a LIFELINE PLATE, we can visualize a contingency to a challenging behavior, demonstrating progress toward a negative consequence instead of failing that student right away. In so many words, it gives them “3 Strikes” instead of one.

By using a LIFELINE PLATE, we can provide a consequence to minor occurrences of a challenging behavior, providing “3 Strikes” as sort of “warnings” to students to change their course. (E.g. “Hey, that was a bit ____________, we’re a group here. Let’s keep it respectful.”)

The LIFELINE PLATE was designed to answer, "when will this have gone too far?" OR "how many misses before we start over and practice more?"

Comes with:

  • Digital Download with the LIFELINE PLATE
  • BCBA written curriculum for parents and paraprofessionals


* Note: Digital Download does NOT INCLUDE laminate, Velcro dots, or any physical product. Pictures may reflect assembled physical product with removable PECS icons.

** NOTE: Pairs well with other modular boards to fully communicate session expectations!