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ABA Plate: Token Progress Plate (PDF Download)


Using the TOKEN PROGRESS PLATE, we can communicate when a demand is met and our learner will be released from an expectation.

We can also visually communicate that release from the activity is contingent on continuing to work until the board is full.

The TOKEN PROGRESS PLATE was designed to answer, "when will we be done with this activity?"


Comes with:

  • Digital Download with the TOKEN PROGRESS PLATE
  • 8 different themes for your learners to choose from
  • BCBA written instructions with tips and tricks!


 * Note: Digital Download does NOT INCLUDE laminate, Velcro dots, or any physical product. Pictures may reflect assembled physical product with removable PECS icons.

** NOTE: Pairs well with other modular plates to fully communicate session expectations! 

For example: "When you complete your token board, we move on to the next item on the visual schedule!"