Shaping behavior and communication is hard. Let us increase your odds.

PECS Expansion Pages: Activities (PDF Download)


By using a PECS BOOK we enable our students to communicate with us 
& enable ourselves to communicate back using permanent visuals!

Activity PECS not only enable communication for non-vocal speakers, consider using them whenever your child(ren) whine, "I'm boooored!" We guarantee there are at least 5 things every child could choose from every afternoon. Help them visualize their choices! 

Blake TIP: Blake sometimes calls this a "Bored Board" :)
                 Whenever we need to play and can't decide, this comes in handy!

Compare our PECS! AVD PECS have:

  • Labeled, permanent places for students to store and locate desired icons on clean backing pages; 12 to a page
  • Universal sizing
  • Color coding by domain and parts of speech
  • Clean, centered, carefully curated images
  • Clear labels for each icon

Comes with:

  • Digital Download including:
    • 5x Activity Pages
    • 57 PECS Icons of common activities students can choose from
    • 3x Backing Frame Pages to choose from
  • Instructions for assembly
  • BCBA written instructions with tips and tricks

* Note: Does not include PECS Starter Book (Subject Page, Verbs Pages, Sentence Boards).

** Note: Digital Download does NOT INCLUDE laminate, Velcro dots, or any physical product. Pictures may reflect assembled physical product with removable PECS icons.