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Visual Schedule: Special Education Classroom (PDF Download)


By using a VISUAL SCHEDULE with our learners, we communicate upcoming tasks and invite students to order their day with available options!

By prescribing a VISUAL SCHEDULE for our staff, we structure sessions to reduce variance across staff, enable supervisors to set expectations for treatment intervals, and ensure we are working across varying domains during each session. 


Comes with:

  • Digital Download with:
    • 87 schedule icons for all activities that Special Education may have in store!
    • 36" Large 3-Piece Schedule Bar
  • Build instructions.
    • BCBA written instructions with tips and tricks!
      • Instructions on how to implement visual schedules
      • Instructions on how to run each icon


    * Note: Digital Download does NOT INCLUDE laminate, Velcro dots, or any physical product. Pictures may reflect assembled physical product with removable PECS icons.

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